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Latest News from Sylva Herald




Latest News from Crossroads Chronicle




Officials Call for Draft Shooting Range Rules (Sylva Herald, 4-21-05)




Shooting Range Ordinance Back Under Consideration (Smoky Mountain News, 4-20-05)




Commissioners May Discuss Ordinance (Asheville Citizen, 4-18-05)




State Stops Probe at Shooting Range Site (Crossroads Chronicle, 4-14-05)

Wells said he doesn't know for certain that the site has a lead problem. But historically, these sort of sites tend to have lead contamination, which is why the state assesses them.




Soundscapes – A Natural Resource (Smoky Mountain News, 4-13-05)




Commissioner Nix Shooting Range Ban (Crossroads Chronicle, 4-7-05)

Nobody would like to have a shooting range at their backdoor.




Range Opponents Angered When Moratorium Fails (Sylva Herald, 4-7-05)

Before the non-vote on the issue, commissioners got an earful from residents who support the moratorium, as well as from a few opposed to regulation.




Jackson Commissioners Fail to Enact Shooting Range Moratorium (Smoky Mountain News, 4-6-05)




Inaction Leaves Tilley Creek Residents With a Bitter Taste (Smoky Mountain News, 4-6-05)

McMahan said no vote was just as good as a vote no.



An Interview with Brian McMahan  (Smoky Mountain News, 4-6-05)

From what they’ve told me they were going to develop part of the property and build houses around it. I don’t know who’s going to buy those houses. Are they going to live in them or how do you sell a house on a piece of property that has a shooting range?




State Probes Former Shooting Range (Asheville Citizen, 4-2-05)

Representatives of the state’s Hazardous Waste Section this week visited the Smoke Rise Field Club’s old shooting range on Breedlove Road near Cashiers…




County Officials Table Range Moratorium (Sylva Herald, 3-24-05)

I don’t think the lead toxicity is an issue, Wilkey said.




Shooting Range Argument Continues with Hackles Raised (Smoky Mountain News, 3-23-05)

He’s full of mud.




Officials Hear Request for Shooting Range Moratorium (Sylva Herald, 3-10-05)

I’m not opposed to gun ownership or shooting ranges.  I am opposed to (a shooting range) on Tilley Creek.




Residents Concerned About Possible Move of Cashiers’ Smoke Rise Club (Crossroads Chronicle, 3-9-05)

We don’t quite understand what all the to-do is about.




Soon to Be Shooting Range? (Sylva Herald, 3-3-05)




Shooting Range Potential Worries Tilley Creek Residents (Smoky Mountain News, 3-2-05)
We have no comment…




Officials Shoot Down Range Moratorium (Sylva Herald, 12-23-04)




Gun Club Decision Leads Commissioners to Deny Moratorium Request (Smoky Mountain News, 12-22-04)




Caney Fork Resident Asks Leaders for Moratorium (Sylva Herald, 11-18-04)



Shooting from the Hip (Smoky Mountain News, 11-17-04)




Trillium May Expand Amenities to Breedlove Road (Crossroads Chronicle), 11-9-04)

If plans proceed, more than 2000 acres on Breedlove Road will be included as part of Trillium Links and Lake Club’s amenities package.  That property, nect to Smoke Rise Gun Club and adjacent to Panthertown Valley, is owned by the Carlton family.




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Letters to the Editor (Sylva Herald, 4-14-05, 7 letters)




Letters to the Editor (Sylva Herald, 4-7-05, 4 letters)





Letters to the Editor (Sylva Herald, 3-31-05, 4 letters)

Smoke Rise is using this false logic, trying to scare everyone any way they can.  They don’t care.  They don’t have to.  They don’t live on Tilley Creek.




Letters to the Editor (Sylva Herald, 3-24-05, 4 letters)

This isn’t about rights, it is about the exercise of selfish interest without respect or regard for the concerns of others.




Letters to the Editor (Sylva Herald, 3-17-05, 3 letters)

The cold winds of change are blowing hard through Jackson County.  My hope is that our government braces firmly against it.  If not, we may not like what is left after the storm.




Letters to the Editor (Sylva Herald, 3-3-05)

Smoke Rise officials should do the right thing, do the responsible thing, do the smart thing and withdraw the Tilley Creek location from consideration.




Letters to the Editor (Sylva Herald, 2-24-05)




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Jackson County Government Website

Search for tax records, property records, county board minutes and more




North Carolina Secretary of State Corporations Division

Options for searching NC corporations, such as Smoke Rise Field Club, Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation




Foundation Center – Form 990 Search

Search for Form 990 tax returns from many tax-exempt nonprofit corporations. Enter “Smoke Rise Field Club”.




Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization, Publication 557 (Internal Revenue Service)

Line-by-line guide to form 990, includes discussion of requirements for 501(c)(7) organizations (Social Clubs)




How to Read the IRS Form 990 & Find Out What It Means (Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York)

Form 990 provides information that helps government agencies enforce the laws that govern nonprofits…and…provides a great deal of financial information about the filing organization’s financial condition and…sources of income.



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Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

Mission is to create more civil cities and more natural rural and wilderness areas by reducing noise pollution at the source.

Good neighbors keep their noise to themselves.




Model Community Noise Control Ordinance (Environmental Protection Agency)

A comprehensive, performance-standard noise ordinance intended to overcome enforcement problems associated with the outmoded nuisance law approach to noise control.




Protective Noise Levels – Condensed Version of EPA Levels Document (EPA)

It interprets the contents of the Levels Document in less technical terms for people who wish to better understand the concepts presented there, and how the protective levels were identified.




Noise Effects Handbook: A Desk Reference to Health and Welfare Effects of Noise (EPA)

This handbook, from the EPA’s Office of Noise Abatement and Control, details the effects noise has on health in areas of communication, sleep, psychologically, physiologically and community among other things.




Designing and Operating a Range to Minimize Noise (Third National Shooting Range Symposium)




Range Operator Liability: Noise, Nuisance and Zoning (First National Shooting Range Symposium)




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Environmental Management at Operating Outdoor Small Arms Firing Ranges (Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council) 

Left unmanaged, contaminants at or from a range can pose a health risk to wildlife or people who are exposed…




Lead Pollution at Outdoor Firing Ranges (Environmental Working Group)

Outdoor firing ranges put more lead into the environment than nearly any other major industrial sector in the U.S., yet they remain almost entirely unregulated.




Study Documents How Shooting Ranges Poison Children – One of the Nation’s Top Lead Polluters Exempt from Pollution Control Laws (EWG)

Follow link in web page to find complete text of Poisonous Pastime




TRW Recommendations for Performing Human Health Risk Analysis on Small Arms Shooting Ranges (EPA)

Many range operators now recognize the risk posed to humans and the environment by spent lead ammunition.




Environmental Aspects of Construction and Management of Outdoor Shooting Ranges (National Shooting Sports Foundation)

Relevant federal lead pollution laws, lead contamination of surface water, soil, groundwater, bird and wildlife food, along with lead exposure to shooters.




Lead Mobility at Shooting Ranges

Of the metals present in shot and bullets, lead is the dominant component, the most likely driver of potential environmental risk at shooting ranges, and will be the focus of this assessment.




Managing Liability at Your Range (Third National Shooting Range Symposium)

They went out to do a soils test intending to do the usual 4-feet and 2-feet deep borings to determine whether or not the soil was in wetlands and to delineate the area of any wetland.  The technicians went down four to five feet and were still grinding through broken targets and plastic wads and never did reach the soil, so that test boring exercise became problematical.




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Lead Removal Begins in Lexington Manor (Cincinnati Enquirer, 4-28-04)

Housing development built on former shooting range declared Superfund site, due to lead contamination.  Developer repurchased 27 homes for total of $7.88 million and will pay $2.5 million to clean the site.




Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges (EPA)

This manual explains how environmental laws are applicable to lead management and presents a number of successful best management practices available to the shooting range community.  Under “Downloadable reports”, click on Best Management Practices for full text of document.




North Carolina Division of Waste Management Home Page

Responsible for enforcing state and federal hazardous waste laws and regulations.




NC Division of Waste Management, Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites Homepage

Oversees inactive hazardous waste sites, such as abandoned shooting ranges, includes list of NC sites




Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites Program – Guidelines for Assessment and Cleanup

Provides detailed guidelines for assessment and management of hazardous waste sites, such as abandoned shooting ranges




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National Association of Shooting Ranges

Many articles on shooting range management found under “Range Resources.”




Grass Roots NC Gun Lobby Website

Authored Senate Bill 1137.




North Carolina Sporting Clays Facilities

Directory of skeet and trap ranges, links to other industry sites




Gun Club Liability Insurance Application (Sportsmans Insurance Agency)

Sponsored by the National Skeet Shooting Association, National Sporting Clays Association and the Amateur Trap Association




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Sport Shooting Range Protection Act of 1997 (NC General Statutes)

NC law that protects shooting ranges from noise nuisance litigation




Senate Bill 1137 – Range Protection Bill Introduced (Grass Roots NC Alert 3-28-05)

A range that is forced to relocate…will be considered to be continuously in existence since beginning operation at its previous location and is not considered to have undergone a substantial change in use as the result of the location.  In short, the range will be able to live by the same rules as it was established under as if it had never had to move.




NC General Assembly Homepage

Look up statutes and search for status of pending legislation.




Senate Contact List (NC General Assembly)




House Contact List (NC General Assembly)




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WCU/WCProperties Story


Real estate agency’s gifting program will benefit Western, Smoky Mountain News, 1-19-05

RESPA Statutes Explained – Consumer Protection, Section 8: Kickbacks, Fee-Splitting, Unearned Fees